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2018 California Dental Expo



March 2 - 3, 2018


Attendee Registration is Free 

  • Quality Commercially-Sponsored C.E. Courses are Free.
  • Non-Sponsored Courses are at Low Cost: $40 - $95 ea. or $295 VIP Lecture Package for All (15 C.E. Units)
  • Students can attend all lectures free of cost (CE credits will not be offered to student registrants).
  • All Dental Professionals are Welcome.
  • Discounted Airfare and Hotel Rooms are available.





2016 Recipient


The Golden Hands Award of Xcellence is presented annually on behalf of the dental community, to a Company that in the opinion of the profession, exhibits Dentistry’s most noble ideals:

• Ethical Conduct
• Truth in Advertising
• Placement of Public Health before Profits
• Dependable Products
• Knowledgeable Personnel 
• Excellent Customer Service

California Dental Expo thanks all participants for their contribution to this award and congratulates ULTRADENT on behalf of the dental profession for becoming the first recipient of the Golden Hands Award of Xcellence for Ethics and Truth in Advertising .

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Welcome to the California Dental Expo, the largest dental meeting in Los Angeles County!

At California Dental Expo, we believe that dentists should not be required to pay a substantial fee or pay extensive membership dues in order to interact with the exhibitors and participate in the best educational courses that dentistry has to offer.

The 2015 California Dental Expo witnessed dentists attending from 27 States and 33 different countries and brokered new concepts to the dental profession.  

A survey conducted in 2014 indicated that the clear majority of attending Dentists found the California Dental Expo to be unique, innovative, progressive, and different and distinct from other dental conferences.

California Dental Expo was the first dental conference in the United States to utilize a clear color-coding system to transparently categorize the sponsorship and involvement of all commercial interests within its educational program - a concept that 87% of surveyed dentists believe should expand nationally and can now be seen adopted in other conferences.  Additionally, 91% of dentists contend this model should expand to include the coding of all dental research articles printed in the United States!

According to our 2014 survey, 93% of attending Dentists denoted they had a good to excellent experience at the inaugural California Dental Expo and 95% stated that they would be interested in attending the California Dental Expo again.

With world-renowned speakers and unique programs, California Dental Expo continues setting new standards for dental conferences.

This is the annual dental event you should not miss!

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