Dental Organizations

The California Dental Expo is committed to taking the lead to strengthen and revive Dental Organizations.

As such, California Dental Expo encourages various organizations to conduct lecture programs and seminars at the Expo and will forward all profits from such programs to that organization.

By providing a popular organized venue, a diverse participant base and various elements of dentistry in one location, California Dental Expo has streamlined the process of event management.

California Dental Expo is dedicated to promoting programs of the highest caliber. By considerably reducing overhead expenses, organizations that conduct their program at the expo will have the opportunity and the freedom to use the potential profits to attract the best national and international speakers.


Organizations are highly encouraged to get dynamically involved and participate in the many novel opportunities available at the California Dental Expo. We look forward to seeing you in January.

Dental Organizations:


  • Be Represented in the Largest Dental Conference in Los Angeles County.
  • Present your Seminars and Lectures at The Expo with minimal overhead cost and receive all the profits. The majority of the planning has already been done for you!
  • Free Booths will be offered to Dental Organizations.
  • Expand your Lecture Base with a large number and diverse group of attendees.
  • Integrate the Expo as a part of your annual program with minimal effort on your part. 




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